A stranger in a strange suit

I was in a very different envioroment this week-end. Sheila and I were invited to a friend’s wedding down in Edinburgh. Duncan, an old friend from Outward Bound days, was marrying Beccy. So the Suit had to come out, a very rare event indeed. So here is the photographic evedence that I don’t always wear fleeces and paramo waterproofs.

We had an excellent day and event the weather cheered up for the day. The wedding was right in the heart of Edinburgh which was nice and then the reception was out in West Calder. With a fine ceilidh to finish. I tell you what a couple of hours ceilidh dancing is good training.

Looks like good weather for the rest of this week and the hills are clear this evening after the morning rain.



April Showers….of snow!

For the past couple of days I have been on the hill with Anne and Molly. Molly the Collie has just about done her Corbetts (Scottish mountains over 2500 ft) . But she need some help to do the last bit of the Cobbler, down near Arrochar, as it has quiet an exposed section to get to the summit.

The weather was looking good so we went out on Tuesday and climbed the Cobbler and Ben Ime and Beinn Narnain as well. Just to keep the Munro tally going. Ali came along as well to give doggy support after the Cobbler epic.

The Cobbler and Beinn Narnain from Ben Ime

Then it snowed and boy did it snow, we had had a few light showers but this really chucked it down and it was big lumps of snow as well.

Luckily it was a fairly easy walk off Beinn Narnain down the big path but it was still a shock to get this amount of snow in late April. Luckily the sun is strong now and soon melts the new snow back to the shady sides of the hills.

Molly has just one Corbett to do now, Garbh Beinn of Ardgour which she hopes to do later in May. I will keep you informed.


The Old Blog

I haven’t found a way of uploading the history from my old blog to my new blog. So if you would like to see what we have been up to this winter or previous years please use the link below to my old blog. This goes back several years and has lots of nice photos on it.


I will get some more posts up on this one as I get organised.



New Blog

Hi Guys. I have had to re-do my blog. So seeing as it is snowing again on the mountains I thought I would take this opportunity to sort things out.

I have been out alot recently in some stunning weather and I will post some pictures later when I get to grips with this new blog.

As the old wives would say, these are the lambing snows and happen quiet often at this time of year. But it is still s bit of a shock this year this is the coldest its been of over a month.

Oh well back to exploring this new blogging software……