What a difference a week makes….

Well what a difference I was back on Skye on Friday and the temperature on top of Sgurr na Banachdich was 28 degrees and in the valley it was 35 degrees. To dam hot if you ask me, but it makes a change from the snow of the previous week-end. I was out with Clive and John, escaping the poor weather down south to the Costa del Skye.

On Sgurr a Ghreadaidh…Hot

Saturday saw us on the Northern three exactly a week from my snowy epic last week what a difference it was hot and sunny again and great views.

Here we are on Am Basteir

The final day of our three was on the Inn Pinn and Sgurr Mhic Choinnich. rather busy on the Pinn as usual on a nice day but the lads did well and we enjoyed a rucksack free ascent of Mhic Choinnich

It looks like this weather is going to last as well the wind is staying Easterly after a blip mid week it should clear up again.


Another Epic Week on Skye

Well I thought that last week was snowy until I arrived back on Skye this week. Allison Veronica and Campbell had an exciting week on Skye last week with allot on snow midweek making going treacherous and allot slower that usual.

This was Sgurr nan Eag on Friday after the big snow of Thursday. We did Sgurr Dudh Mor and Sgurr Alastair as well in a 10 hour day.

The summit of Sgurr nan Gillean on Saturday, we were the first up it since the snow of Thursday

Looking back to Gillean from Am Basteir after an epic descent of the west ridge of Gillean

Even so we managed to do 10 of the 12 munros on Skye sneaking the Inn Pinn in at the end on out second visit to the hill. We passed on it the first time due to snow

But second time lucky this is the team just topping out on Sunday.

Well done to Allison Veronica and Campbell as the conditions were far from ideal and they coped very well with some long days and cold weather.

Epic days on Skye

Well that was an interesting week snow wind rain and even some sun but generally cold.
I am having computer problems at the moment it seems to be updating and has jammed the thing up for the past two days so no pictures sorry.
Anne, John, Steve and Robin from the Scottish hills group had an eventfull week with me we. Did most of the Munros just missed one of the 12.
That will do for. Now as I am doing this on my phone.
Back to Skye tomorrow for another week.