Mid Week Walkies

This week I was not working so to keep my hand in and to wear Ali out a bit. I went for a walk with Anne and Molly, Tuesday we did two of our local munros Beinn a Chochuill and Beinn Eunaich. It was yet another nice day dry with a light breeze to keep the midges away.


Wednesday we did the Ben Cruachan horseshoe, another two munros that Ali hasn’t done before. He’s up to 28 now 10% of the total. I am going to have to watch out or he’ll catch me up. Another lovely day and quiet a few other folk on the hill.

Anne Molly, Ali and myself on Ben Cruachan summit

See he can behave sometimes

It might be poor weather down south but up here the weathers lovely and very dry on the hill.

Carn Mor Dearg Arete

This Sunday I  had a wonder around the Carn Mor Dearg Arete on on to Ben Nevis with Humphrey. He was passing through town on a grand tour of Scotland and wanted to do the Ben by an interesting route.

The weather was dry but a little cloudy above 3000 feet so we didnt get alot of views but what we did get were nice. Coming down off the Ben it tried to snow in a short shower just to remind us it still could.

I had Ali along as well his first experience of doggy scrambling and two new munros for him.

World Mountain Bike Week-end

Last week-end Oban MRT was helping with the first aid cover for the big mountain bike races in Fort William. This is a major event with hundreds of riders and thousands of spectators so we were happy to help out and raise some money for team funds and get some first aid practice at the same time.

I was out on Friday and Sunday. Friday was a fairly laid back day with mostly pratice runs of the epic course at Aonach Mor the course covers 2.8 km and drops 550m luckily the weather was good on Friday and I had time to take a few photos between accidents.

The big jump where we were based …. spectacular !

The View from under the jump.

 There were a few casualties for us to deal with but it was not to bad. Later in the day we were covering the 4 Cross practice as well. This event is full on. Four riders down a short lumpy course, great to watch.

Sunday was the big race day so it was very busy with spectators. The best riders were flying down the now wet course. The conditions changed but the speeds didn’t. Luckily the riders had the course faily wired and not many fell off so fairly quiet on the first aid front. The rain brought out the midges and in the woods it was unpleasant. Now things were wet the paths round the course turned in to a quagmire. A bit like Glastonbury on a hill. Fun when you have smooth soled trainers and even sandals as some of the spectators did. there were alot of muddy bottoms about.

Everything went smoothly, great organisation but the team at Nevisrange. And we had fun too.












Molly’s Corbett Completion

A good friend of ours Anne has a very experienced hill dog called Molly. And Molly did her final Corbett last Saturday 2nd June. The first dog to complete the list. Corbett’s are Scottish Mountains over 2500 feet with at least 500 feet of ascent all round and there are about 250 of them.

Mollys last one was Garbh Bheinn of Ardgour. So Sheila, Ali and I went along to give moral support and to help carry the doggy biscuits.

Here’s Anne being jumped on by Ali whilst posing for the camera, Molly being well behaved as usual. Garbh Bheinn behind.

The first completion attempt was abandoned due to storm-force winds and heavy rain. This time however the conditions were perfect and a big team turned out to accompany Anne and Molly up the hill

Here are Bill (Anne’s long suffering husband) Anne and Molly and Hamish Brown on the Summit.

Hamish Brown is a well known walker and author of several famous walking books. Also another dog lover ‘Hamish’s Mountain Walks’ were usually accompanied by a fourlegged friend.

The croud on the top a great day with lovely views all round. Not a day for a quiet hill to yourself that’s for sure.