Mountain Rescue Week-end

This last week-end I was helping out at the Mountain Rescue Comitee of Scotland Conference at Glenmore Lodge.  I was responsible for running the Navigation and GPS workshop both days.

Saturdays weather was prefect for doing this, white out on the top of Cairngorm, blowing snow and cold. Perfect. We navigated about using the GPS’s to set waypoints and follow tracks. also doing some good old pacing and timing. We were going to be getting a flight up but our helo go called way to a rescue in the north sea. No photos weather to nasty.

Sunday same again but in better weather – or not so god if you actually want a whiteout. Above was the summit of Cairngorm on Sunday a lovely day. There were loads of skiiers up and the northern corries were busy with climbers.

This time our helicopter, Rescue 137, actually arrived and gave us a lift down after our session. They picked us up from the mouth of Coire an-t Sneachda and dropped us at the Lodge in time for afternoon tea and cakes what service eh!

A great week-end thanks to everyone who helped to organise it or attended.

Brutal Ski Tour

After a day of snow and storm Damon and I decided to go for a first tour of the season. and only having a short time out we went for beinn Dorain / Beinn Dothaidh from Bridge of Orchy. The conditions were not that great the snow was thawing and wet low down and we saw some classic sun wheels in the snow a good sign that the snow was wet.

Further up the snow was very heavy and hard work. There were a few brave soles out trying to climb but the conditions were , to use a technical term, crap.

Ali accompanied us but found it very hard work he was soon following our ski tracks rather than bounding around as usual. He was up to his chest in snow most of the time and balling up quiet badly.

We eventually reached the Beinn Dothaidh plateau after traversing north from the col but the wind was strong and the spindrift unpleasant so we stripped out skins and started to ski down. this turned out to be almost as hard as going up in the very heavy snow. Ali was having epics and had to be persuaded even to come down hill. Poor old pup was absolutely knackered when we got back to the car. Mind you I was as well.

Beinn Dorain. 1st December

This Saturday the 1st day of December I was out for the day with Katalin and the Beagles in the snow. Katalin brought one of her friends Imogin along for the walk as well. Beinn Dorain is another good target for the shorter days and was a popular choice today with many other folk on the hill.

The snow conditions was generally soft today but there was a good trail up the hill, some blowing snow made it feel cold on the ridge. We summited about lunchtime ,making sure we went to the far top.

Glasgow Hillwalking Club were up on the hill with a large group with whom we bumped into on the ascent and descent. There were a lot of happy hill walkers on the hill today. Then we scuttled down for a brew in the Bridge of Orchy Hotel. Very handy at the finish of a chilly day.

The beagles had great fun in the snow and howling at the others on the hill as only Beagles can.