June Jollies

It was very changeable in June. We just didn’t get any good stable weather periods. Here’s a couple of photos to show just how much snow there still was on Aonach Beag in June.


May update

Its was still snowing on Skye in May. So we had some adventures.

Early May at An Dorus








But it did brighten up late in the month here on the Aonach Eagach.



April. Showers ?

April turned out quiet nice, there was plenty of snow about to climb and Ski on. The weather improved for a few weeks and work quietened down a bit as it usually does at the end of the normal winter season. Here are a couple of photos of us out and about.

1Here’s a nice shot of Ben Lui at Tyndrum taken whilst out ski touring to show how much snow we still had at the beginning of April.



And by the end of April here we are on Ben Challum near Tyndrum. A bit of a difference in snow cover.





Looking forward to some light rucksacks and summer walking now ……





March was a varied month, much better than February on the whole. We have loads of snow now where we need it on the faces and gullies of the mountains but the sunny side on the mountain has thawed a bit. It looks like winter will last a while this year.

1Early March and the weather cleared for a while and I had some good days out.

John on Stob Coire nan Lochan






Then it thawed and got wet like here on Gear Aonach in Glencoe











Later in the month things definitely improved


Like here on Ben Nevis the Lads climbed No4 Gully then it cleared on the way to the top.





February. Wild n Wooly

After such a promising start in January February was a bit of a shock. We got back into a cycle of storms as one low pressure after another rattled across Scotland. It snowed and it blew then it rained and it blew. The conditions on the hill changed rapidly from deep snow wading up the hill, to thaw and driving rain. Good days have been few and far between.

The climbs have been well banked out and are really good when you can get to them. Low level ice on the Ben has been exceptional this year from the freeze thaw. Higher stuff is either buried or to dodgy to get to.

Oh well here’s a few more pictures from my days out in February. What I can say is we made the best of what we got and always went out. Sometimes driving east to avoid some of the weather worked, sometimes west hoping it will pass over quickly. local knowledge helps a lot in route choice this winter.

BN-3Sorting the Gear on Ben Nevis

Friday-1Ledge Route on Ben Nevis

Mon-3Buchaille Etive Beag

1Curved Ridge on Buchaille Etive Mor

thurs-2Curved Ridge on Buchaille Etive Mor

CL-1Cairn Liath part of Creag Meagaidh

3Glencoe Sunset

March seams to be shaping up to be similar to February. Lets hope for a better month now spring is here …..


January 2015

A New Year and some great winter conditions covered most of Scotland. The Skiing was good over Christmas and New Year. The climbing was a bit buried but it soon improved. I worked on a Mountain Rescue Scotland, Avalanche Rescue Course up on the Aonach Mor Ski Area. A week-end training team members on the subtleties on avalanche rescue. We actually had some good weather for the course which makes a change, it usually just blows a gale.




I also had a few days wondering about the hills in the snow with various groups here is Alan and his girlfriend on Buchaille Etive Beag on an atmospheric and very snow day.



And of course a little climbing on some great early season Ice here a route in the Auch Glen, definitely a bit off the beaten track.


So that was January, hopefully February will keep up the good work. Hope to see you out there.


Mad March.

March started as February finished. Wild and woolly, but the first week of March turned out to be a stunner with blue sky’s and superb snow. I was working with the Mountain Rescue delivering a winter rigging course over east.Usual weather for the rescue team

Usual weather for the rescue team

So I took the opportunity to have a couple of days snowboard touring and managed to bag 8 new Munro’s in two days.

On top of the Cairnwell after 6 Munros